Business Advisory

  1. Guidance and assistance for starting a business:
    • Set-up new companies;
    • Assistance in developing an investment in Romania;
    • Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies;
    • Making tax registration procedures;
    • Preparation of revenue and expenditure budget;
  2. Accounting Assistance
    • Accounting assistance to customers who keep the records on their own accounting systems.
    • Organizing and supervising the accounting activity
    • Organizing the flow of documents
    • Organizing and supervising the management accounting per locations and activities
    • Verifying statements, other tax returns and assistance in preparing them
    • Examinating documents prepared by the accounting department: trial balance, purchases & sales journals, and other mandatory registers
    • Monitoring the preparation and submission of the required statements
    • Preparation of financial and accounting reports
    • Assistance during the annual stocktake
  3. Advice, assistance and financial analysis reports
    • Cash-flow analysis
    • Analysis of debts and receivables
    • Analysis of capital and assets
    • Preparation of revenue and expenditure budget
    • Advice on financial and accounting laws
  4. Consulting, assistance and financial management services
    • Develop internal procedures and rules regarding the conduct of the core business activity and other related activities
    • Evaluating and organizing the information flow (communication among departments)
    • Periodic management report concerning the financial aspects of the company
    • Informing the management about the changes in financial and accounting laws
    • Constant training of the staff on how to complete the primary documents and their flow within the organization
    • Consulting in choosing the appropriate business information system
    • Due diligence for acquisitions of financial companies